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Welcome to the Voynich Manuscript


Who knows? The manuscript is actually named after one of its owners, one Wilfrid Voynich. Its provenance is not known previous to its turning up in a collection in ????.

The MS now resides in the Yale Binecke Library, a repository of rare manuscripts and incunabula. The library's description of the MS is found HERE.

As the description has it, the MS is in an unknown language, or code, or cipher, and is illustrated with bizarre figures and drawings.


The Voynich MS has stubbornly refused to yield its knowledge, despite the efforts of some of the finest codebreakers and scholars in the world. A small group of interested scholars from around the world corresponds through a web group. Here are some links to get you started:

voywiki Rene's voy page Wikipedia

Astronomical Connection

The MS seems to be broken into several parts, as an encyclopedia of the 16th century might be. There is a section that seems to be devoted to astronomy or astrology, a section that is botanically oriented, a medical section, and others that seem less clear. I have been spending some time, as have others, looking at the astronomical section, as that seems to be the clearest. There are pages seemingly devoted to the signs of the zodiac, and others working onthe MS have found what might be predictions of planetary conjunctions and the like. It's my personal opinion that the MS is encrypted Arabic, based on a look at the so-called Zodiac pages. The Link, or Hinge, star in the Pisces page is clearly marked.

I have put together some scanned pages from the book "Star Names"; they are local, on this web site, and are available for use:

Starnames Zodiac Stars Manzils



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