Six Mile Systems LLC
POBox 460134
Huson, MT 59846




Six Mile Systems produces hardware and software connected to lightning and wildland fire ignitions. We have more than 30 years of experience with measurement systems and computer modeling (see Vita).

We also have a shop with electronics and metal fabricating facilities.

We can do electronics design and prototyping, light machine work, gunsmithing, and esoterica.

We design measurement systems for any variables you have in mind, and in the frequency range DC-Daylight.

Lightning Forensics is the service branch. This part of the enterprise investigates the consequences of lightning strikes. Although the specialty is ignition of wildland fires (forest fires), we also investigate the non-medical portion of lightning injuries and deaths, as well as property damage. See our other website for further information.



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This site is very much a continuing work. We will be making changes and additions as time and circumstances allow.

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Present work :

13 cm moonbounce

Drive system electronics 16 ft dish

Talk for the 2010 Lightning Litigation Conference